I love summer!!! Even now as I sit and write this something about summer takes me back to that “school’s out” sense of freedom; days spent in the neighbors pool playing Marco Polo, mid-week sleepovers, all-day adventures, a total sense of no boundaries.  This is the inspiration behind nudes, this barely there summer palette of colorless color, which gives one the sense of wearing nothing but your own skin. Free to move, live, breathe, bask, relax. Nothing to distract from the simple beauty of everything around it, understated elegance in motion.  Instead of your outfit getting all of the attention these nude tones fade into the background and bring your hair, face, contours onto center stage, everything is enhanced rather then covered over. These subtle shades of beige, taupe, apricot and peach look amazing on tanned skin and sun-kissed arms and legs.

THIS IS NOT YOUR MOTHER'S BORING BEIGE - How to wear beige without looking washed out.

1. Use White To Highlight and Brighten Your Face - It may sound counter-intuitive but bright white is the perfect compliment to nude tones especially near the face. If you have a neutral skin tone and beige has a tendency to drain the life out of your face use a white blouse or scarf to bring a pop of brightness back to your face. 

 2. Gold Adds Sparkle - Gold jewelry, sunglasses and accents is a must with any of these tones, it reflects the sun and gives everything a warm glow.

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