Let's give "Black Friday" The Boot


Have you ever taken the time to research "Black Friday"? Why is called that? When did it begin and why do we go along with it? According to Wikipedia it began in the 1950's when big retailers would capitalize on shoppers having a 4 day weekend. Who doesn't love to shop, especially with loved ones in town for the holiday?

They saw an opportunity to tip their accounting scales from red to black. Great for them and at the time great for us too! So, what happened? It seemed for a time that we were actually being offered great products with incredible savings which in turn hyped the popularity of "Black Friday". Over time the hype was still there but, the sales were just so so made to look great by the "Day After Thanksgiving" ads.


Don't get me wrong, I LOVE a good deal but, I hate the stigma of a Black Friday deal. I do however need help carving out my schedule in finding gifts for my family, friends and co-workers. Finding those gifts at a steal would be even better. So how do you budget, find the perfects gifts, save money and keep your sanity without fear of being trampled at 4am on the fourth Friday in November? Simple, make a plan!


Sheri has a great way of planning gift giving through-out the year along with printable lists but, what do you do when its November and like me you haven't even started? We've put together a check list of how to get organized to maximize your limited time.


Note to self: Don't do this at home. Go out for coffee or tea, fuel yourself with some pie and buckle down.

First ~ MAKE A LISTor lists | From family, friends, co-workers, teachers and those special people who come into your life every once in while like the postman, favorite cashier or barista to the many other people who put a smile on your face when your having a not so great day. Make notes of special ideas for each person. These lists can be broken down into gift and card lists.

Second ~ BUDGET | Determine what you can realistically spend. Don't stress and don't feel obligated to be the endless gift giving robot. Id rather get a genuine heartfelt Christmas message than some random gift that I feel guilty about receiving because its not to my taste or I already have five of.

Third ~ SCHEDULE | Schedule shopping days for yourself and don't tell anyone that you're off unless they're up for a day of fun but, focused shopping. Map out your stops so that your not burning gas and patience. Remember to schedule a cyber day. Online shopping is one of my most productive and money saving avenues not just for the Holidays but, year round.

Fourth ~ CLIP | Find coupons for items on your lists whether specific to the items or stores where they are available. Do an online search for codes and notate them on your shopping list.

Fifth ~ GO | Get it done and don't forget the paper, bows, labels and cards.

Sixth ~ WRAP IT UP | Make them beautiful and address those cards. If you are still blessed to have loved ones in your home, recruit them! If not, get together with friends and you can help each other but, also get some much needed catch up time with your favorite holiday treats, drinks and music.

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