Though for a lot of us this past week it has not felt like it, warm weather and sunshine are quickly approaching, and with the magical changing of seasons, comes the start of festival season. April, as rated by Ranker.com is one of the top 6 best times of the year due to this very reason.

What better way to kick off the changing of the seasons than with a music festival? This year has quite the monumental lineup of great festivals no matter the type of music that you are vibing with in today's phase.

Which gets me thinking and researching some of the latest fashion trends in festival wear for the 2023 festival season. Not sure where to even start? Whirl your way into our top five outfit staples for the 2023 festival season.

1. Bohemian Dresses

No better way to arrive, to the long-awaited festival than comfortable in a stylish bohemian dress. Not only does it let the warm air flow, but they also come in endless shades: from vibrant colors and designs to calming neutrals with globally inspired patterns. Wear them short or long, they are made to compliment all different body types. It's time to let a little inner hippie shine and look awe-inspiring while doing it.

2. Crop Tops

Nothing quite screams warm weather like a crop top aka summers best friend, and this year crop tops are one of the top fashion staples within the festival wear trends. Add some high waisted shorts (they also look great with high waisted bohemian pants), a flowy cover-up, and rock some french braids or a beachy hair look, and you are set to make statement with your girls at this spring's best festivals.

3. Mesh Dresses & Tops

Mesh dresses and tops are taking the fashion world by storm and are being worn by some of the top celebrities everywhere. Also known as "the second skin trend" as quoted by Cosmopolitan Magazine. You can dress them up or you can dress them down, but either way when you go out in a mesh dress you are there to make a statement with your presence and empowerment. There is no right or wrong way to style this sheer trend, paired with a cute fanny and some high-top sandals, you have yourself the perfect festival outfit.

4. Finge & Leather

It's time to bring back the 1920's western wear with leather and fringe. Leather and fringe are trending and are everywhere on the runways. Not only does it add texture and edginess to your festival look its cute and fashion forward. Tie this look in with some high-top cowboy boots, a turquoise western belt and fedora to have yourself the perfect festival outfit to ride off into the festivities.

5. Headwear/ Hats

There is no doubt that headwear has been a staple at festivals for as long as I can remember. It's the perfect accessory to make a bold statement that just keeps on trending. Whether you want to go vibrant and glamourous or neutral and traditional, a festival is the perfect place that any headdress is acceptable and loved. Embrace the opportunity to look extra this festival season and find yourself the perfect headwear.


To wrap this up, here are a few other tips to remember when you go to pick your 2023 festival outfits.

1. Maintain your own sense of style. There is no right or wrong way to dress for festivals and don't forget to embrace what makes you, you!

2. Pick 1 statement piece and pick accessories to compliment that piece.

3. Don't forget to wear for comfort. The days get long, and you don't want to end up uncomfortable in whatever outfit you choose. This goes for footwear as well!

4. Don't forget your ChapStick, sunscreen and sunglasses. More than likely you will be at the festival for more than one day. You don't want to get burnt(literally) out your first day.

5. Layer-up. Bring layers. It can get really hot during the day and cool down once the sun starts going down. Take plenty of layers so you are ready for any weather.

Most importantly- enjoy yourself, your friends, and the music!

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